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Our next event will be Saturday, February 17, 2018 in support of the greatest gift catalog ever!



Foodie Philanthropy is an easy way to make a difference by simply doing what you would already do on a Saturday night: Go to dinner and have a good time! Only this way, you get the added benefit of also supporting good causes too!

Over 30 of Fort Worth's finest restaurants come together each year to host Tables of 10 so our patrons can enjoy the best of their menu right in the comfort of their own establishments. Our patrons host a full table or reserve a seat and enjoy the finest food Tarrant County has to offer.

Meanwhile, the money donated by our patrons or saved through the generosity our in-kind partners allows us to contribute a significant amount of much-needed funds to our Charity of Choice each year.  Everyone does a little and we're all able to do a lot on behalf of our community!

Ways you can support:

The partnership, promotion, and people of our community is what makes Foodie Philanthropy possible! Thank you for supporting our mission and helping make a difference for those in need.

Foodie Philanthropy is a registered 501(c)3 with a mission of bringing together like-minded foodies for philanthropic causes.  Foodie Philanthropy supports organizations who assist those less fortunate by hosting the annual dinner at various restaurants.  The impact made, both financially and publicly, when restaurants band together means a major difference in the lives of others. When you couple with an amazing night with old and new friends, giving has never been so good!