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2018: The greatest gift catalog ever

The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever, entering its 10th Anniversary year, connects our neighbors in need to local charities, while giving donors one to one matches on their gifts. They support at least 20 charities in Tarrant County each year giving much-needed support.

The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever provides resources for the needy in one concise publication providing power through knowledge - the knowledge of who needs help and how you can best meet that need.  Besides creating, publishing, and distributing approximately 70,000 catalogs, they also provide a comprehensive communications platform for their organizations, including TV media, local print media, social media, billboards, events, street banners, radio station support, yard signs and fast food tray liners. In addition, they provide philanthropy education programs where we work with local students about needs in their community and ways that they can make a difference.  The staff of The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever also speaks to local boards and community groups on behalf of our organizations to leverage donations and foster lasting relationships between the two.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of their mission. When a powerhouse group comes together, their strengths are multiplied for the good of the group.  When we want to get the word out about something, it is multiplied by a factor of 20! (Twenty fabulous organizations, that is!)  The Greatest Gift Catalog's partners regularly share grant opportunities, event benefits, and = information that they know will benefit the Greatest Gift Catalog Ever collaboration family.

 Also,  The GGCE is a great way to give because donations are matched dollar for dollar!

For more about all they do, please visit To learn more about Foodie Philanthropy's Charity beneficiaries, please click here.